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Who is The True Love Guide designed for?

The True Love Guide is designed primarily to help anyone who would like to discover their ideal romantic partner. However, it can also be beneficial for those already in loving relationships to go through as well, to improve the quality of their communication and gain clarity on their joint long-term vision together.

How can The True Love Guide, a journal for me to write in, help me find true love? Aren't there a million apps out there these days to help me meet someone? How will journaling help my love life?

We're glad you asked, as this is a vitally important question. There are, indeed, more apps than ever today to help people find love. But oddly enough, studies show that in the developed world, marriage is at an all-time low, and birth rates are at an all-time low; while rates of loneliness, anxiety, and depression have shot through the roof. Where has the romance gone?

Apps can be very effective at putting pictures of potential dates in front of you, but may not be as effective at helping you uncover what their values and character are like — and whether or not they truly align with your own. Combine this with an endless stream of potential suitors, and people end up with paralysis of analysis, never knowing if the person they've found is truly right for them or not for the long term. This is where The True Love Guide helps you thrive.

By helping you uncover your own values and preferences, and helping you plan in advance to avoid common areas of conflict that often arise in long-term relationships, you will become infinitely more effective at determining when you've met someone who is a great fit for you. While surface level attraction is an important element of a relationship, this alone is not nearly enough to make it through the ups and downs of the long haul. We need to dig deeper in order to uncover what really matters to us, in order to build the type of magical bond that dream romances are made of. Through combining the chemistry and sparks of romance with the deep knowledge of the dynamics of interpersonal psychology, you'll be able to find a partner that makes you sing with not just your heart — but also your mind and soul!

Which topics are covered in this journal?

The questions, exercises, insights, and hypothetical scenarios in The True Love Guide are based upon research around the most common problem areas that arise in relationships. Some of these are based on looking introspectively at your own strengths and weaknesses, while others look at your external desires in an ideal mate, and what would truly make you happiest. Some of these topics include: Quality time together, personal values, building trust, fears and insecurities, jealousy, interactions with friends and relatives, money issues, careers, communication styles, red flags, lifestyle preferences, blind spots in personal development, gender roles, travel, social media usage, cultivating empathy, and much more.

Is The True Love Guide helpful for people who are engaged and ready to be married?

Yes. While The True Love Guide was primarily designed with single people in mind, it can also help engaged couples identify potential worldview misalignments well in advance, in order to be able to discuss them in a calm, clear-headed manner. This serves to minimize the amount of unnecessary future conflicts and maximize the moments of joy and harmony in the future marriage.

Is the True Love Guide helpful for someone who is divorced and looking for a new relationship?

Absolutely! If you have been through a divorce, you already know firsthand the amount of agony, heartbreak, and sleepless nights that arise as a result of ending up with someone who was not a great fit for you, and being forced to break up a family. The True Love Guide can help you gain clarity, reflect on who you really are, and determine exactly who you are looking for. As a result, the next time around, you will know how to discover potential misalignments and deal with them well in advance — instead of having them emerge as unpleasant surprises years down the line.

Can The True Love Guide guarantee that my relationship will work out after going through all of the exercises within the journal?

While we wish this were the case, in reality, nothing is ever guaranteed 100% of the time. In life and love, there is no script. The unexpected can and often does happen. However, a wise man named Benjamin Franklin once said: "When we fail to plan, we plan to fail." In other words, while planning for success can't guarantee success with 100% certainty, it can certainly increase your odds of it significantly. Just like studying for a test in school, or putting together a business or exercise plan, the more effort we put into understanding a certain realm of life — and follow up with taking action — the greater our odds of being successful within it become.

While no one can guarantee the success of any relationship, it certainly doesn't hurt to examine scenarios around the specific themes that cause 75-95% of all breakups and divorces, and think deeply about ways to avoid these common pitfalls to stay steady and happy for the long haul.

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